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can explain this program?

Dear NI,
                 Im doing Project on Wind Tunnel  Testing with Embedded Pressure Sensor. Its having 32 ports of inputs which is for measure pressure, using address multiplexing techniques from we can measure on individual port's of given pressure. The Electronic pressure scanners are continously switched using DIO lines of data acquisition card and the multiplexed analog output from the sensor is acquired using analog input channels. The pressure sensors are capable of multiplexing simultaniously at the rate of 20,000Hz.
Find this attachment and explain the programe ... if some error  give some ideas...
also requesting about user manuals or study materials making programing for the above application.
Balaji DP
Application Engineer |  Reckers Automation India Pvt., Ltd., - New Delhi
Balaji DP
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Hi Balaji,

I took a quick look at the code and initially got an error because of the -1 value for the ‘No. of samples’ control.  I changed this value to a positive number and the program ran without error.  I also changed the counter sample mode to Finite Samples and wired the ‘No. of Ports’ to the Samples per Channel.  I’ve attached an image of the VI with the changes I made. 


It appears that the program will setup an Analog Input task and Digital Output task.  These two tasks will use the counter output (which is internally routed) as their clock.  The counter will run at the frequency specified.  The Digital Output will write values from 0 to the number specified in the ‘No. of Port.’  The Analog Input will read values from an AI channel as long as the Digital Output task is running. 

There are some great LabVIEW and Data Acquisition resources available online.  Check out LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours and Getting Started with NI-DAQmx for some initial instruction. 

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Best Regards

Hani R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for reply..... i just made some corrections... for my continous operation is it possible for do like this.... find this attachments... if u made some corrections send me as full image size.. because last time u sent image was not a full image...
Balaji DP
Application Engineer | Reckers Automation india pvt ltd.,
Balaji DP
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