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cDAQ-9188 connection problem through Ethernet


I have a NI cDAQ-9188 Ethernet version.  It was connected by Ethernet cable directly with my computer before and worked fine. 

Recently, I have another Ethernet device which is needed a Ethernet connection with my computer and a static IP address. 


Lack of enough Ethernet port on my computer, I used a NETGEAR (ProSAFE GS105) to connect with my computer, then connect the cDAQ-9188 and the other device with the NETGEAR  and reset the IP address of the computer into a static IP address. 


After that, my cDAQ-9188 does not work any more. Even I connected the cDAQ-9188 directly with my computer.


Therefore, I guess that the cause is the new static IP address, not the NETGEAR. 


I attached a couple of the error message screen by using "self-test" and "reset" and also the computer IP address picture. 


Please take a look and help with the issue. 


 Thank you very much. 





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Have you tried to reboot the chassis into factory default mode? The procedure is explained on page 1-30 of the following document:


NI cDAQ-9181/9184/9188/9191 User Manual: 



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Hi, DonhJoe


Thanks for your reply.


Yes. I did try to reboot the chassis into the factory default mode (press the reset button for more than 5 secs), then in MAX to reconfigure it.

However, it was showing up under the Network Devices of Devices and Interfaces after I pressed the right botton and selected "Find Network Ni-DAQmx DeVices" in NI MAX as the grayed out mode. I cannot select it to continue for configuration.


I am following the following instruction


I am asking our IT department to set up a static IP address for this cDAQ, then try to see if it works or not.







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After resetting the chassis into default mode, you can also try connecting the cDAQ directly to the PC and discover it in "Find Network Ni-DAQmx DeVices" (The chassis will not get a DHCP address so it will set a Link Local Ip address). Once you have discovered the chassis you can configure a Static IP address (which has to be under the same subnet mask of the PC) and finally you can connect it through the NetGear device and rediscover it again from "Find Network Ni-DAQmx DeVices" but this time  from the "Add Device Manually" section using the Static IP address you previously configured. 


Have you tried this already?

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Hi, DonhJoe


Thanks for the reply.

My problem is that I can not discover it in "Find Network Ni-DAQmx Devices" even I connected the cDAQ directly to the PC.


With our IT's help, I have successfully solved the problem.

Here is the steps for solving the problem.

1. find the Mac ID from the cDAQ hardware label on the product

2. connect the cDAQ directly into our network and find the dynamic IP by using the Mac ID

3. open a web explorer by using the IE, then put the dynamic into the web explorer

4. on the "Network Adapters" screen, select "static" for "Configure IPv4 Address", then put the  IPv4 Address which is different from the static IP address of the PC at the last digit, then put the same Subnet Mask as the PC, then put the PC's static IP into the Gateway, put "" into the DNS Server.


After doing this, I can discover the cDAQ in "Find Network Ni-DAQmx Devices".


Thanks and hope my solution can help other people who meets the same/similar issue.




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