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acquisition problem

We made some measurements with an AT-MIO-16E-2 board and a
LabVIEW program (version 5.0). We use the subVI Waveforms
for an aquisition at 300Hz of 51200 samples. The program used
to work perfectly but now the number of samples is 2048 and
sometimes 4096. NOTHING in the program was ever changed and
there is no error or warning message (or dialog box) of any kind.

Does someone have any idea of where the error can be? The versatil behaviour
of the program (without changing anything) seems to indicate that
there could be some non initialized variables with random value somewhere,
or a bad access to the memory (but the program we wrote does not call
any C subVI). Or could there be a hardware problem? Or some installation
on the P
C (we reinstall LabVIEW to make sure, but it is true that some
other program installations were done in between).
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