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Writing to a line configured as a trigger

This is sort of a silly question, but it has been bothering me today.
I'm trying to synchronize the start of several counters performing edge counting.  I've configured each of them to use the Arm Start Trigger source of P0.0.  However, I have nothing physically connected to P0.0 to trigger the start, so what I have been doing is using the DAQmx Write (Digital 1 line 1 point) to write True to P0.0.  This works correctly and starts all the counter tasks.
My question is:  Is it ok to write to a digital line that is configured as a trigger source or is this bad practice?
Thanks for your help,
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Hello Jon,

It depends on which board you are using.  This should be fine with a multifunction DAQ board such as an M Series device, but it may not work in general for every type of board.  I know that I have tried to write directly to a trigger line with a 6534, and it does not work.  If you try it, and the hardware doesn't support it, you will get an error at the DAQmx Write function. 

I hope this information helps!

Best regards,
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