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Why don't my task timing property changes stick?

After setting up a task and then modifying some of the timing properties of the tasks, we find that the properties have not been modified.  No error is generated.

I have removed most of the error wiring for clarity.

( BTW, this vi also made me discover that when I swap chassis, there seems to be no way for LabVIEW to work with the different chassis without cranking up old MAX. I'm trying to get support on this via other channels, but if you know of something let me know!)

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Ted-
You should call the DAQmx Timing VI to initially set up all task timing parameters rather than calling the property node directly.  The property node method is meant to make supplementary changes to settings already made with the DAQmx Timing VI.  After replacing the property node with the VI I was able to see better results.
Hopefully this helps-
Tom W
National Instruments
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Tom W,

You are a champ....  it works great now!


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Hey Ted-

I'm glad to hear it- let us know if we can help with anything else.Smiley Happy

Tom W
National Instruments
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