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What device to purchase for my project? MyRio, MyDaq or NI-USB

Dear NI Community,

I have a machine to automate. We have a field machine that has two sensors: a pressure and displacement transducer. The installed NI USB-6009 device captures two signals (pressure and displacement) and the LabView software filters the data and presents the final report. We are working on the machine's automation, and we want to add a motor so everything will work autonomously. I researched a lot of DAQ devices and am curious about the community's opinion on what to purchase for the automation part.

We want to build a machine that can operate in the field without additional setups—for example, no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. USB from the computer is one of the options that worked great. The LabView software analyzed the data and presented the final results . Suppose there is a way to have the DAQ device that can drive the motor, capture data, and "analyze" it.

All the end consumer needs to do is transfer data from the DAQ device to the computer and see the final report.


What NI device is better suited for this type of application?

We appreciate your feedback on this exciting dilemma.

Thank you!

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We want to build a machine that can operate in the field without additional setups—for example, no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. 

I would recommend an embedded controller that can run a program on its own, e.g. myRIO, cRIO. However, it requires additional licenses of LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA, as well as knowledge on LVRT and LVFPGA programming.

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When it comes to control, I do not trust Windows.  I barely trust USB in a test system when I am forced to, so I will really avoid that in a control system.


I would go the cRIO route.  It does require LabVIEW RT.  You can, and I prefer to, use FPGA as well.  But it will then be a stand alone controller that does not need outside intervention.  I use Ethernet to communicate with the cRIOs.


I would avoid the myRIO since it appears NI is trying to discontinue it.

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