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What bolt/screw must i use to mount a 9148 chassis to a panel?


I'm going to be using a 9148 Expansion Chassis for a project.  I'm having a custom subpanel made and would perfer to have the mounting location drilled and tapped so i can moun the panel to the plate.  I found mounting dimentions on the data sheet, but nothing in termins of the size of the hole available?


What screw/bolt should I plan for?



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Hi mmarmol,


The manual for the 9148 chassis recommends M4 screws in the sections on mounting the chassis (pgs. 2-6). The manual is linked below:


Catherine B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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there it is.  page 2.


use 2 M4 or #10 panhead screws.


missed that the first 3 times i read the thing.



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