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Web-based interface for communicating with existing LabVIEW applications.



I am working on LabVIEW 8.6 .I developed an application according to the method mentioned in  the ni link I am using a NI DAQ.In my application I am giving a square wave as input.I generate input square wave signal using labview simulate signal block .The controls to it goes from thin client interface.Labview control then goes to DAQ and it generate an  analog output.This analog output is given as an input of  to an electronic circuit.The output from the electronic circuit is taken by the analog input of the DAQ.Then the lab view code takes this value and is given to the thin client interface.The thin client interface window has two graph to display applied square wave (analog out put of DAQ) and the final out put (DAQ analog input).When I run this interface window I get only 1st graph and not able to display the data acuired by DAQ.Actually the DAQ couldnt able to read the signal from the circuit when I apply input using the interface window.


But when I apply some voltage say 1v at this analog input pin externally  it can be displayed on the 2nd graph .So there is no error in thin client interface window coding.

At the same time when I run the application with out using an thin client interfacing window I can display both the graph on the Lab VIEW front panel.I applied a signal of 1Vpp,50Hz,1.5V offset and 5% dutycycle.So I think my vi does not have any problem.


When analysed I felt that the DAQ analog input couldnt able to read the input signal when the input is applied to through the interface synchronization problem with the read ,and write code block of DAQ.(I tried by changing the sampling rate ),Because when the interface window is running I can see the generated out put in an oscilloscope,but DAQ coud not able to read it out.



How this problem can be solved?Can anyone suggest a solution.




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