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Wavelength measurement using photodiode and scb-68a

I used two lasers of different wavelengths to create an interference pattern. I want to measure the number of interference fringes after changing the interference pattern of two lasers into the photodiodes connected to scb-68a respectively. My measurement method measures the number of interference fringes of two lasers at the same time. And when one of the laser interference fringes specified by me reaches the designated number, I want to stop the measurement of the number of interference fringes and calculate the value.

I am still working on the contents of the picture, but I do not get the value I want and I get an error and ask you for help.


The first picture is the one I designed. The second picture is the DAQ assistant setting, and the last picture shows the scb-68a with the photodiode.



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Hello hunkydory


Scb-68A is just terminal block for DAQ system. So, It's hard to judge why this application does not working now without any error code or NI hardware information.

One thing more, these measurements of 2 interference pattern are not working at the same time. In while loop, there's no any thing guarantee that executed sequentially. You may need synchornization method. refer this

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