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Using a digital input to trigger a save



I have an NU USB-6363 X Series Multifunction DAQ. 


I need to know if this situation is hypothetically possible so that I can use that fact to build a part of a program for saving data from a pressure sensor. 


Say I have a physical pushbutton wired into a Digital In port on my DAQ, and I have a DAQ Assistant express VI, which is in a while loop, reading that Digital In port, and is set to 1 Sample (on demand). 

Assuming that the DAQ Assistant is only capable of generating 1 High or Low value per loop iteration  (since it's set to 1 Sample), couldn't you use the push button in this manner to control a Case Structure through the DAQ Assistant?


Thank you

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It sounds good, but why don't you share with us the code that you have tried until now? Please take a look at this example:  it uses a similar functionality to start logging data by selecting from 2 cases.


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Thank you for your reply! (I'm sorry to have taken so long to reply. I played around with the example you linked, and I later integrated that with my code and it seemed to work alright)

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