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Using PCI-6143 to acquire multipe current measurement

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I am using a PCI-6143 to measure the current of 4 motors.

For every moto i need to measure current from 0 to 10s with 500 rate.

In my sequence i need to begin measurement of the current for every motors independly.

Si i created 4 tasks, every task for one motor.

The problem is that tasks i have the error "NI-DAqmx Error -50103 "The Specified Resource is Reserved".

I think it is beacause my tasks are concurrent, so i can't execute the 4 tasks in the same time.

I know a solution for that could be to combine all channels into one task but this solution wont work for me and I need these 4 channels to run in 4 separate tasks because I need  to use different trigerring for each input signal and if I combine them into one task it is not possible anymore.

Is there any way I can keep them running in separate tasks and also get rid of that 50103 error?


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Briefly, No.


The workaround is to acquire continuously with all channels in 1 task while dealing with the equivalent of trigger detection in software.  The device itself simply doesn't support multiple simultaneous AI tasks with hardware-based timing.



-Kevin P

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