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Unable to build installer LV16

I started by attempting to build an executable as I have a cDAQ 9133 that is nearly out of C: drive space when it's required to run both Windows and LV16 with the DAQmx drivers. I kept on getting the 'This is the application template and cannot be run alone' when attempting to run my executable (after rebuilding several times) so decided to attempt building an Installer. 


When building the installer I am encountering the following error. I did ensure that the requested file is in the proper location after reading a few related forum posts. Beyond that I'm not too sure what to try next, so any help is appreciated, I'm fairly new to LV and especially building applications/executables. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> C:\Users\CDUC 802 DYNO\Desktop\De Pere - 802 22Feb18_from dyno The following errors and warnings were recorded during the build: Error: An internal tool or library returned an error. Details: Error adding file: C:\Users\CDUC 802 DYNO\Desktop\De Pere -
802 22Feb18_from dyno\ Code: -21 Error: An internal tool or library returned an error. Code: -21

I don't know if I'm better off going back to an executable or sticking with an installer. I do have custom configuration files from NI Max for instrument calibration that I do need to ensure are included in my build - does require me to use an 'Installer'?


Thanks in advance. 

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The error message seems to look like it is having an issue with the Does that VI have any dependencies or subVI's within it? I would check this and make sure it is in the correct file path when the EXE is trying to call it. Are you calling any 3rd party software? 


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