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USB6211 Matlab Error


I'm using NI USB6211 with matlab 2014b. 

The operation is shortly as follows, I send a sinus wave at an analog out port, and read data from an analog input port. The scan rate is at maximum 250kHz.

The software works fine, but a collegue reported an error with his computer. 


He was working with the software without problem, but this error pops up in a few cases, he says. What could be the problem? I could not find enough about it in the internet. I don't change the scan rate, nor I use multiple analog in-outs. Hence, program works %99 of the time. thanks so much in advance.

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Hi Sarpedeon,


I suggest you test a few other scan rates and see if you still get this issue. Take a look at this knowledgebase article.
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I am doing an internship in a laboratory. I am supposed to use the CARD USB 62-11 to trigger a camera. 

My project consist actually of taking a picture every T/10 of a sinus wave and to calulate the number of pxel and the lightening.. 

I am not really familiar with DAQmx as it's the first time that I use it so I am having a probem with to make the program of the triggering.. I made already this program allowing you to alculate the number of pixel and the lightening.. but I am stucked in the triggering part... 


You will find attached my program, all suggestion or öodification in the program are welcomed 



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Hi marwah1,


In general, I recommend posting a new thread for new questions, as this will result in your question getting more attention. Since you are relatively new to DAQmx, I recommend reading over the white paper tutorial to which I have posted below. The section on DAQmx Trigger will give you some introductory information on triggering with DAQmx.


Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of Your Data Acquisition Applications:

Tom D.
Staff Software Engineer
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