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USB6008 problems reading analog single ended channels AI4, AI5 , AI6

In my USB6008 , I find an error while trying reading on analog port AI4, AI5. I've no problem reading from AI0 to AI3 with NIDAQ base Task.

If in the same task i change channels to AI4 or AI5 i got an error:  Possible reason: Value passed to the task/channels In control is invalid.

Channels in Nidaq are single ended from 0V to 10V  finite sampling 50000Hz   500samples.

how can i read from these 2 channels?

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I need some information to understand your problem:
- Why do you use driver DAQmx base instead DAQmx?
-are you using LV or NI data logger?
The sampling rate of 50000Hz is too much. The Max sampling rate is 10KHz.
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I use DAQmx base because they gave me it with the board. Now I downloaded DAQmix and installed but it doesn't see the board!

What do you mean by LV or NI data logger?

My board is USB6008.

sorry sample rate is 5KHz
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You don't see your device in NI-DQAmx DEVICE because you installed it with daqmx BASE. YOu have to switch the driver: in MAX go in TOOLS>>NI-DAQmx CONFIGURATION>>NI-DAQmx USB DRIVER SELECTOR>>SWITCH and choose DAQmx driver.
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