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USB analog I/O

Hi all,

I have a question about USB DAQ card, more specifically about the 6212-6218 serie. My system would do an online loop-back over hours for a characterisation over time of a system.
One analog input channel is requiered for voltage measurement (around 200kS/s) and an signal generation channel 1kHz in the +-10V range. My question is the following, can those card generate a continuous signal without interruption over more than 2h ? IRQs ?  or is a PCMCIA a requierement for this type of application ?

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Hi glukix

take for example the "Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-Ext" which you can find
under Hardware Input and Output -> DAQmx -> Voltage in the example finder of LabVIEW.

So you can generate continuously a signal with the USB 6212 without interrupts.

best regards

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The USB-621x devices should not have a problem with these specifications.
Unlike typical multifunction USB DAQ devices, NI USB M Series (including the USB-621x devices) incorporate NI signal streaming, a patent-pending technology that provides multiple bidirectional high-speed data streams over USB. Without NI signal streaming, a multifunction DAQ device can only sustain a single high-speed data stream, effectively making it a single-function device.
The following document will give you a good idea as to how this technology works.
PCMCIA is not a requirement for this application.
Nathan Yang | Product Manager | Data Acquisition | National Instruments
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Dear all, thanks for the info
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