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USB-6218 DAQmxBase Error -200559

It doesn't operate well though I want to do the analog to digital conversion

 in the following use environments while outputting an analog signal.


Is there something a good method?




-NI-DAQmx Base 3.3


(Err Message)

DAQmxBase Error -200559: Task cannot contain a channel with the specified channel type,
 because the task already contains channels with a different channel type.

Create one task for each channel type.


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Hi megazone23,


It looks like you're trying to include AI and AO channels into a single task.  You'll need to have a separate task for Analog Input and for Analog Output.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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Thank you for the reply.

It is not possible to execute well though I tested according to advice.


I make two tasks.

One task outputs analog signal(below Program1), another task convert an analog signal(below Program2).


# ./program1


# ./program2


The following errors occurred in program2.


DAQmxBase Error -200220: <err>Device identifier is invalid.


but If it is only program2, it operates normally.



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