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Dear Sir/Madam,

we must deliver a job this Saturday and are stuck. We need URGENT help.

we are developing a 6035E card based system.

We must generate a infinite pulse train of pulse-width (i.e. logic level
1) of
duration 'a' and the delay (i.e. logic level 0) of duration 'b'.

We must have a continuous acquisition from several of the card's analog
and the samples that must be returned from the card to Window (i.e. with
OnAcquiredData function in Visual C++ environment) must go from the low-to-high

transition of the pulse to the following low-to-high transition of the same
and without loosing a sample (if we loose the last couple of samples it's
OK but
not many more).

In other words we must syncronize
and start the ADC acquisition with EVERY
pulse going
from low to high and reading the data from every low-high transition to the

following low-to-high transition (i.e. continuous acquisition PERFECTLY
syncrhonized with the pulse train low-to-high transition.

Could you please tell us:

- which resources to use
- how to wire them up
- how to configure the software (we use CompunentWorks 2.0 in Visual C++)
- any additional helpful information

Many thanks

Rick Enzi
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