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Typical accuracy for NI 9207

Does NI quote anywhere "typical" accuracy values (e.g. 25 +/- deg C) for the NI 9207?


The datasheet only has "maximum" values (worst case of 0.19mA), but I can see that the device's accuracy in realistic operating conditions is more than an order of magnitude better than this. Unfortunately, I don't have the traceable equipment to calibrate this myself.

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Oops, never mind, the Calibration manual - does give some alternative numbers.

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Cal-Specs are smaller to cover all the drifts over the calibration interval!

Drift due to time (internal references drift) , temperature!, humidity ... noise, self heating of the sensing resistors ...

Well specified (usually metrological) devices have 24h, 1 month and 1 year specs ...


IF you have known currents (sources)  (or even better known stable exiters for your current sourcing transducers, say weigth loads for a loadcell) and do a lot of calibrations/verifications over a longer periode, you can estinate how good your setup really is.


And don't mix up accuracy and resolution 😉

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Can we still have an answer to that question above? In my opinion it hasn´t been answered yet.
My question basically is, if the off-set error and the gain error are both negligible(or 0) when ambient conditions are around 25 ° C or if I need to use "maximum -40 to 70 °C" instead?
What is the reason for not stating any information about typical accuracy for NI9207?


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