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Trouble with NI USB-6008 in Linux CentOS

Hey all,


I am trying to use my USB-6008 to do some basic analog I/O for me using LabView 2020 in CentOS Stream 8. I have DAQmx 20.1 installed and am having trouble getting the computer to see the daq.


The output of nilsdev is empty

The output of lsni -v seems to find the device:

Scanning localhost for devices...

System Configuration API Experts found:
NI-DAQmx 20.1 (daqmx)
NI Device Interconnect Manager 20.0.0 (nidim)
NI-CONTROLLER 20.0 (ni-controller)
NI Network Browser 19.0 (network)
NI MX Routing Utility 20.0.0 (nimru)
NI-MXI 20.0 (ni-mxi)
NI PXI Platform Services 20.0 (ni-pxi)
NI-QPXI 20.0 (ni-qpxi)
NI System Configuration 20.0 (nisyscfg)
NI-RTSI 20.0 (rtsi)

System Configuration API resources found:
--Primary Expert: NI System Configuration 20.0
--Model Name: 80Q7

--Primary Expert: NI System Configuration 20.0
--Model Name: NI USB-6008
--Serial Number: [Correct Serial Number]


I'm used to using NI-MAX in windows to get everything going, so I'm feeling a little over my head here haha... can anyone help me figure out what to do next?



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Having similar issues, did you finally solve it ?



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As already stated, have a look at the Linux DAQmx-Readme

USB-6008, like nearly all USB-devices, is NOT supported by this driver!


Regards, Jens

Kudos are welcome...
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