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Triggering with FPGA

Hello All,


Question: I am getting an analog signal from a hardware with a frequency of 78Mhz which I need to feed in a different hardware but with a frequency of 100Hz as the second hardware doesn't supports input more than 100Hz.


Idea and Code: I have attached a code I wrote & thought might work in FPGA and the idea was to get the input triggers from the source 1 and send it through FPGA to hardware 2 with a delay of 10ms = 100Hz. I am using a NI SCB-68 I/O board to receive the input at DIO0 and sending it through DIO15 visa using NI PXI 7854R. I expected this might solve my purpose but the LED associated with DIO0 and is showing Timed out. And its not working as it was supposed to.


I believe one biggest reason can be as my input is analog and I am using DIO0 port as input which I just realized might be a problem for sure. If yes, 1. Would simply using an analog port will help or work?

2. If not, what is the way I can change it to analog or what may help me to work this somple code out?

3. Suggestions on where I am wrong or any examples or modifications which can help me?


Looking forward to your replies.


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What are the characteristics of the signal?  DIO are typically faster, but you have to be careful of the signal you are looking at.


What device are you trying to trigger?

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The signal is a CW type analog ouput coming from a laser and is going to trigger a camera to let the camera know when to acquire the image based on the trigger pulse received. 


The camera can't handle the frequency more than 100hz that's why I was trying to implement as mentioned in my initial post. 

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