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TC Data Acquisition and logging 250+ pionts

Hello All,


I'm looking at putting together a data logging system for our lab and could use some advice on what hardware to use. I've been browsing around NI products and it seems like a PXI chassis with PXIe-4353 modules might be the right fit for our needs. Are other modules needed to support the 4353's, power supply modules, etc?

We need to read at least 250 TC's with 1000ms timing and be accurate within +/- 5 degrees F.

This is going to need a lot of TC wire somewhere around 2000ft. Maybe there are some other solutions to not having so much TC wire such as running an ethernet cable to a bank of TC wires to a module of some sort.


Still in the brain storming phase for idea's at this point and we would like to keep this system as cost effective as possible.


Thanks in advance for your advice and idea's everyone!

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