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Sweep generation does not work with PCI-6110

I would like to use the attached vi "Sweep" to generate a sweep and to give this sweep out on the PCI-6110 card. But there is no output at AO 0 and I do not get any error message. Has anyone an idee what could be the problem?
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There are two minor issues with your vi:
  1. The DAQmx is set to "Use Waveform" but your waveform doesn't contain timing information as it is not a waveform datatype but a DBL array. You should switch either the datatype of your waveform or change the DAQmx to "Sample Clock" and provide a sample clock parameter.
    That's what I did in a test and now the application is running fine.

  2. The while loop in your vi never stops as long as there is no error so you will have to press the abort button in order to stop the vi. This is not a clean way to stop a data generation task as DAQmx clear is never called.
I hope that helps,

Jochen Klier
National Instruments Germany
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