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SCB-68 & M-Series PCI-6221

I have a PCI-6221 M series (68PIN) that I want to connect to SCB-68
The manual that came with the SCB-68 (under Quick REference labales) does not show M Series Devices!
It only shows, E,S, 670X671X/673X,660X,653X and 7811R/7831R Devices.
Any idea where do I find the information for the M series devices?
Thank you
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The device pin-outs given in this manual for your  PCI-6221 should match with your SCB 68 pin numbers.

As far as i know, the switch settings on SCB 68 has not changed for M series.

Plus your MAX also shows the device pinouts.

Go to device and interfaces, click on your card and select  for device pinouts from the drop-down menu.

hope this helps






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Hi All-

You can find quick reference labels for most other 68 pin cards here.

Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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