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Recommend HW for fast multiple Analog Inputs

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I'm considering buying a NI-PCI card for the computer. I have a 6024E now and it seems to slow. I sample 4 analog channels with 100kS and want to go higher but then one channel gives an echo to next. I understand it is the MUX that has a settling time?

Can anyone suggest a better hardware that can deal with higher samplingrates (up to 200kS) from NI that don't kill my budget? 



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@Haddock01 wrote:

but then one channel gives an echo to next.

If you are getting ghosting, then you have too high of source impedance.  Use a Voltage Follower setup to act as a buffer and get those source impedances down.

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Go for a simultanious sampling device, PCI(e) and >= 200kSPS filter give some results

PCI-6143 would just fit

I would go for the PCIe 6346  (500kSPS,16bit and more input ranges)

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I will test first with a voltage Follower and then test with a square wave and see what happens.

I found a PCI 6143 at eBay for a very low cost. about 300 USD. 


However, Labview gives a warning when I'm using 100kS or above sampl.rate (I'm using DAQmx) that my hardware (6024E) can give bad accuracy with this speed. So even if I get a better PCI-card LV probably still gives me a warning.

6024E garantuees 200kSp(!).


Sorry about my bad english. 😕


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