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Problem with configuration/calibration accelerometer: NI 9234; BDK100


For my diploma thesis I need to set up an acceleration controlled shaker experiment. 

Therefore I am trying to take my accelerometer (see attachment) into operation with the cDAQ 9174 and the NI 9234. So I am using the DAQ assistant to do so but when I put in the specifications of my sensor I only get a noisy signal with a slide offset from zero even if the sensor stands still. I am not sure about the coupling mode and since the specification says I have to supply the sensor with 5Volt (I can only choose Ampere) I am not sure of that either...


I am process engineer so please explanations for children...


Thank you for any help!

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Hi NIgery,


I saw that nobody is answering, so I would like to be up to date. What have you done?


Is your question up to date?


best regards


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Just by looking at the spec of the sensor:

The output is ratiometric (means: it will change proportional with your supply voltage)

The zero is specified at 0.5Up+-4% (@ 5V ~ +-100mV) , so your zero offset should be in the +-10g range and everything is still OK 😉

What you usually do is a zero offset compensation, measure V_o and when you measure V_a you do a V_comp= V_a - V_o


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