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PXIe 6672 Physical Channels?



I'm trying to get a PXIe-6672 timing card setup with DAQ so that I can have a .NET method fire off on reception of an external trigger.  I'm having trouble though with getting any sort of channel access on the 6672.  Whatever I try I get the error: “Physical channel specified does not exist on this device” error code: -200170.


Has anyone seen/solved this issue?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you able to see this device in NI MAX?

What kind of channel are you setting up with this device?

Has this ever worked?



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Thanks for the reply, Danielle.


I can see the device in MAX, and all of its test panels work correctly, but I can't access any physical channel on it.  I've been trying to run the ReadDigPort.2010 example in .NET 4.0.  This example looks for all devices with physical channels that can be set to a digital port, but it doesn't see any physical channels at all in my chassis.  I've run other DAQmx examples that look for other types of channels (such as Analog I/O) with no luck.  I've also tried modifying the code to directly access a physical channel on the PXIe-6672 rather than having the code search for one, but I don't know what the names of the physical channels on the PXIe-6672 are.


I've never gotten this to work.



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What exactly are you trying to do? The 6672 is a synchronization card which allows you to various timing features with the PFI lines. You will not be able to run analog I/O examples with this card. Are you saying that you have tried the analog examples with other cards? What are you trying to set up with the lines on the 6672? Are you sending a trigger?



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I was trying to setup a TCLK system where the PFI lines on the 6672 sync card would poll for an external trigger and then initiate the TCLK process with various TCLK compatible modules.  This was determined to be impossible via an SR I have open with another applications engineer.



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I see! I am glad you found your answer, thanks for updating me. 



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