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     Is there a way to configure a buffered event counting with DAQMX for a PCMCIA 6036E.  I understand that the DAQ-STC drivers do not allow for buffered Position measurement.  I also need to sync with an analog input.  Thanks.



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Hello wade75,

The PCMCIA NI-6036E device is capable of buffered event counting when used with the NI DAQmx driver. The LabVIEW shipping example called “Count Digital Events-Buffered-Continuous-Ext” should suffice. Here is a VI Snippet representing the example code:




What do you mean by “sync with an analog input”? Please be as specific as possible so that we can help you out. Thanks!

David G
Sales Engineer - SE Michigan & N Ohio
National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply Dave.  What I mean about the analog input sync is I will be taking buffered AI readings and I want the counter readings to be triggered off that
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Hi Wade75,

I used the “Count Digital Events-Buffered-Continuous Ext” shipping example as a template for the VI below. It triggers an acquisition on the counter line you specify when an analog signal reaches a specified level. You could combine this example with one of the simple continuous analog acquisition examples and have a VI that acquires buffered AI samples, and acquires counter signals that are triggered off of the AI level. Check it out below:



David G
Sales Engineer - SE Michigan & N Ohio
National Instruments
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