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PCIe 6323 clock accuracy & drift

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Does anyone know the temperature or time drift values for the 100 MHz clock in the NI-6323 PCIe card?  The specification document lists only the basic accuracy as 50 PPM.

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Hello John,


This accuracy specification applies to all load changes, shock, vibration and temperatures specifications supported by the board. Please refer to the Environmental section on the link below for more information about the operating environment.





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Thanks that helps a bit.  What I am trying to determine is the best accuracy that I can expect under a controlled set of conditions - where as the 50 PPM provided is a worst case number.  We will be working in an environment of controlled temperature, humidity elevation, and vibration so it seems that all varables are removed except for time and random drift.


Is there any wasy to get a best case probable error from that information?

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Accepted by topic author JohnWK

Unfortunately, the information you are requesting is not available. Generally, oscillator manufacturers provide the Frequency Stability specification as a range (max and min values, e.g. ±20ppm) and not the dependence of accuracy against temperature (e.g. a Frequency Stability vs Temperature chart).


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