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PCI-6110E in WinXP

I have a PCI-6110E card that was removed from a W98 machine. I have an older version of
Igor Pro that I need to use because the script file is not supported by the latest release. The DAQ
procedure that Igor runs is also an older version, and does not run with the latest Igor release.
I have loaded both on a new WXP system, and I can get the software to do what I need it to do. However,
I still need the driver file that will make XP recognize the 6110E card. I have tried using the latest release
of DAQmx but it does not seem to work. Can anyone tell me exactly what file(s) I need and where its
Thanks from Yuma Az.
Gene Smiley Wink 
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Hi Gene,

The drivers that were mentioned in Vanessa's post are the drivers that will work with the PCI 6110 on a Windows XP machine.  Could you answer the following questions as a way to troubleshoot the installation of the driver:

Did you make sure that the hardware was not installing in the PCI slot before installing the driver?  If not, then follow the steps the KnowledgeBase article KB 2FSDP4GU: Help for Installing NI Hardware before Installing Driver Software to fix the issue.

When Windows boots up, do you get a message that a new device was found?  If so, do you allow Windows to locate the driver for the device?

Does your device show up in the Device Manager in Windows?

Best Regards

Hani R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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