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PCI 6052E sample rate

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I am using PCI 6052E, SCXI chassis 1001 and SCXI 1530 for my DAQ system. I am using Labview 8.6 and Traditional DAQ. 


I tried to set different scan rates. The maximum scan rate I can reach is around 100,000.  Once beyond 100, 000, there is an error message “the clock rate exceeds the board's recommended maximum rate”. I checked the maximum scan rate can be 333KS/s and the maximum internal clock can reach 20MHz. Why does this happen, Any idea? I am only using one channel from scxi 1530.


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Have you seen this KnowledgeBase article?  You system will be limited by whichever component has the lowest maximum sampling rate, in this case that should be the 1530.


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Thanks for reminding me this.


The maximum scan rate of scxi 1530 is 125Ks/second...I got 100, 000 from experiment, any idea about the difference? 

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