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I'm trying to acquire data from an Atten ATF20B function generator. I'm using PCI-6602 and BNC-2121 to connect the generator to my computer, but under MAX, only the PCI card shows up under "Devices and Interfaces." There are no physical channel options for the program in LabVIEW (which is taken from one of NI's videos on Youtube). Any help is appreciated.



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Did you try to create a virtual channel using the PCI-6602?  You should be able to add the connector block through the properties of the PCI-6602 in MAX.

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Great, thanks. So now I can see the connector block and PCI-6602 in MAX, but I still don't have any physical channels. I only have a Device Name channel "Dev1." When I try to create a virtual channel, I'm selecting "Analog Input" and then "Voltage," but under the suggested physical channels tab, it says that there are no supported devices found.

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The 6602 is a Counter/Timer card with Digital I/O, no Analog capabilities.



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Ok, so what if I want to use the function generator that's in BNC 2121, and I want to use LabVIEW to read the functions generated? I read the manual and connected a wire from the spring terminal with the square wave beside it to one of the user defined BNC connectors. However, I still see no physical channels to select. Is it possible to generate signals with the connector block and read them with LabVIEW?

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