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NI usb 6008 voltage generation and acquisition

    hello all,
I am a mech eng student who has never touched Labview before until a few weeks ago. so forgive me if my problem is blalantly obvious.
I am trying to make my usb 6008 produce a square wave through so i can feed it to a simple dc motor and measure the response with the usb6008 through its analog ports. I understand i must use some sort of buffer to copy and reproduce the wave again and again. i could not find any examples of waveform generation for this device. it is all very confusing. Please help!

errors I get using DAQ assistant:
Error -200077 occurred at Property Node DAQmx Timing (arg 1) in Waveform Buffer>squarewave

Possible reason(s):

Requested value is not a supported value for this property.

Property: SampTimingType
You Have Requested: Sample Clock
You Can Select: On Demand

Task Name: _unnamedTask
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The forum is duplicated here:


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