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I am attempting to use a NI USB-6009 to acquire a low-frequency (~1 to 2 Hz) signal.  I've run into the problem that the hardware only supports using "On Demand" sampling, so I can't set the number of samples I want or the frequency with DAQmx functions in LabVIEW.  Because the timing is critical to the functioning of my VI, I need to be able to know what the sampling frequency is.  What is the best way to determine this?  Attached is a screenshot of one of the sections of my VI where I use DAQmx.  You can see that I am really looking for the time between each loop itneration, as I read one sample per loop.  Is there a better way to take a series of samples?






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Hi Steve,


The USB 6009 supports hardware timed sampling. Here's a section from the manual.



It looks like you are setting up your task in MAX. To use hardware timing, set the "Acquisition Mode" to either "Finite Samples" or "Continuous Samples" You'll be able to set the sampling frequency "Rate (Hz)".

You might want to get rid of that loop and use the "Analog Waveform 1 Channel N Samples" version of the DAQmx read. Set 1000 as your number of samples per channel, and you'll get back a waveform data type that will work nicely with the tone measurement.




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I had normally used the method you described, but recieved an error in MAX telling me I couldn't select the "continuous samples" option.  However, now it works.  Not sure what changed, but in can case, thank you. 🙂





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