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NI PCI-6503 driver will not install

I have downloaded the driver for this device from your website.
The installation fails with a message
specified file not found:[MsiEngine] WinNTpath = supportFiles\instmsiw.exe
correct the ini file and try again
This error occurs when I try to install

NI-DAQmx Ver 8.
and exactly the same error occurs when I try to install
NI-DAQ (legacy) Ver 7.4.1
either of which, I understand, will drive my hardware.
The file instmsiw.exe exists in the folder which contains all the unzipped data from the zip file.
I am using Win XP but it is installed on my D drive because I am in a multi-boot configuration.
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Hi Cardy,

You may find the following links helpful.

This explains what the instmsiw.exe is:

These links contain proceedures that that I would suggest trying:

Hope this helps you,

Emma R

NIUK & Ireland

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