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NI-DAQmx 8.1 Windows 7 64bit

Hello, I have Labview 7.0 installed and apparently working fine on Windows 7 (Home premium), 64bit. I need to also install NI-DAQmx 8.1.  The latter will not complete installation, stating that it is incompatible with 64bit platform.


I was about to install Windows Virtual PC from here:

Then, hopefully, run a virtual Windows XP machine. However it occurred to me that the underlying platform would still be 64bit, so NI-DAQmx 8.1 might still not install.

Is this correct? If so, is there another remedy?


 Thank you.


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What DAQmx hardware are you using? Virtual PC will work for running older Windows applications, but it won't expose direct access to PCI/PCIe hardware (it's possible that USB may work, but this is not a tested or supported configuration).


I don't think there's a DAQmx that is supported on Windows 7 (first supported version was DAQmx 9.1) and still be compatible with LabVIEW 7.0 (last supported version was DAQmx 8.1). You'll either need to upgrade LabVIEW or downgrade your OS (assuming that's even possible with the rest of the hardware that you have in your PC).

Brandon Streiff ·
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Hello Brandon. I am hoping to simulate a PCI-6601 digital/timer card, so hopefully not having access to the pci bus will not be an issue.


About 10 years ago I made a Labview project for a customer, then compiled it with application builder, and installed it on their machine. I have been asked to make a small change, but while I still have the original Labview disks, I no longer have the Windows xp laptop that I used for the project.


Originally I had just simulated the pci 6601 card in Measurement and Automation, then made an executable using Application Builder. At least that's what I remember.


From what I have read, since the original post, the virtual xp machine will simulate a 32bit platform, so I am hoping not to have problems regarding that issue. However,my Windows 7 edition is home premium, and have discovered that Microsoft's virtual XP requires Windows 7 professional or above. I am waiting for the Windows 7 pro disks to arrive.

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