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NI 9265 Analog Output Voltage

Hi Everyone


I have NI 9265 analog output module. I have just learnt that it produces current output 4mA - 20mA.


The problem is that I bought this module to control a motor driver which run with a potentiometer by increasing or decreasing its voltage.


The motor driver runs between 0V - 10V. 


So I thought that I can remove this potentiometer and control the motor driver with NI 9265 programmatically.


But it gives current output.


So what can I do??

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There are industrial parts out there specifically for converting between 20mA and 10V signals.  As a quick and dirty, you could just use a 500 Ohm resistor in parallel with your motor control (500 Ohm * 0.02A = 10V).


Or you can just get a NI-9263, which can output -10 to 10V.

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Thank you sir.

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