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NI 9202 Analog Voltage Input - How to read out all channels with a numeric indicator?

Hello. I apologize if this has been asked before. I am sure this is very basic but I have been stuck on this for several hours.


I am using an NI 9209 as an analog voltage input. I have set it up in DAQ Assistant and based on the assistant, I know it is reading all 32 single ended channels.


When LabVIEW builds the VI, there is a data output tab. I right click this and go to Create > Numeric Indicator. This shows the first channel a0, but I can't see the other channels. Do I have to send the data output to an array? I am not sure what to do here, and I am fairly new, so I have difficulty in understanding what to use to control this.


I have attached a screenshot showing my problem.


Any help is extremely appreciated. Thank you.

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Bump? Can anyone help with this? It seems like such an easy problem to solve but I can't figure it out.

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DAQ Assistant is usually not the preferred method for Data Acquisition. In LabVIEW navigate to Help > Find Examples > Hardware Input and Output > DAQmx > Analog Input > Voltage - Continuous This VI will show you how to create and read off of a DAQmx channel. You can adjust the Physical Channel control to contain all of your channels by typing "ai0:aiX" with X being your top channel after the / following your device identifier. This will show all of your data inside of a graph. You can also adjust the configuration under the DAQmx Read task to output an array instead of a waveform so that you can store your data in an array.

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Thank you Tristan. This is very helpful. I did try going to the examples at first, but I got a bit lost and wasn't sure if it was the right way to approach the problem. I thought that I could configure the Assistant to how I needed it and then generate the daqmx code, but the code generated is so advanced that I can't even follow it. Using the "simple" Assistant VI as shown in the picture I uploaded isn't very preferred, like you mentioned. I am going to give that example a shot and reply with other questions, if you don't mind helping me out. I spend a lot of time on 3D printing forums giving advice, so I know how some times things seem readily apparent but aren't. Thank you.

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