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Mismatch of CAN-Identifier using NI-CAN 2.2 and VB6

Hello all,
I'm using VB6 to program my applications using a NI-CAN PCMCIA interface card and the NI Frame API.
On my application a device is sending a response signal via CAN on Identifier 0x10FFEAB02. If I check the identifier to continue the program flow 
Status = ncWaitForState(ReceiveObj, NC_ST_READ_AVAIL, 0, state)
    If Status = 0 Then
        Status = ncRead(ReceiveObj, Len(ReceiveFrame), ReceiveFrame)
        If ReceiveFrame.ArbitrationId = &H10FFEB02 Then         
            Text_ist.Text = ReceiveFrame.Data(3)
        End If
    End If
I receive a never ending loop.
If I let VB show me the received Identifier the value is 0x30FFEB02.
The first digit is always wrong. I also tried this program part with different receiving ID's but it is always the same. The first digit is always real+2 bigger than what is physically on the CAN bus.
Is someone capable to support. Thank's a lot.
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