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MAX continues freeze on me when I attempt to make and save changes to a task with multiple channels. I have not changes any of the hardware or software and up until now it has been working fine



I am having a problem with MAX. I can open it fine, but when I am only able to make a change to one of the channels in my task, and after that MAX freezes on me. I can not make any more changes and I am also unable to save the change that I have made. The only way to exit from MAX is to "end task" in task manager. I have made no changes to the hardware or software, and everything has been working fine until now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you create a new task OK? Does anything else cause MAX to freeze? Can you fully expand the “Devices and Interfaces” and “Software” tab?

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Thanks for the quick reply


I was able to open a new task and add channels to it with no problems. I deleted the task that was causing the problems, re-created it and everything is working fine now


Thanks again

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