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Legacy Board Issues Lab-PC+

Hi all, 


I know the LAB-PC+ board is really old and is no longer supported. But I am using several with a custom written application that I have no access to. At any rate I have a few questions. One of the computers died and I have configured a different computer with the software and the card. Software runs in DOS and o/s is Win95.


1) Are there current products that might be compatible with the software? In my situation, this would mean it uses the same code functions as the Legacy LAB-PC+ card.

2) I am getting two error code messages that reference NI-DAQ manual, that I do not have. Is there a legacy DAQ manual available somewhere.

3) Does anyone know what error code -70 or error code -98 mean?

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What version of NI-DAQ are you using? There are many manuals on, frequently refered to as Traditonal DAQ.

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