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Is it possible to capture 10 Hz signal with long duration (e.g 3 min) from USB-6211 using labview?



I hope to read 10 data points per sec with long duration (e.g. 3min) from USB-6211 using labview.  

Is it possible?

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It should be able to do that with one hand tied behind its back and while holding its breath.


10 S/s * 3 min * 60 s/min = 1800 samples.


The device has a FIFO buffer of 4095 samples so you could read that much data with one read.It is capable of sampling up to 250 kS/s. Of course the user may wonder if the program is actually doing anything while waiting 3 minutes. I would probably read about once per second and accumulate the data in a software buffer while displaying interim results to the user.



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