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Is NI usb-4431 possible to use in Simulink?

Hi, first post here!
I have been having some issues with connecting my NI usb-4431 with simulink and specifically simulinks analog input-block.

First som info:

device: NI usb-4431

driver: NI-DAQmx v 9.6.0f0

operating system: Windows 8.1 64-bit

Matlab: matlab R2015b 64-bit


Ok, so I have been using the session-view of the data aquisition toolbox in matlab and everything have been working fine when just running scripts. I would like though to be able to use the NI usb-4431 in Simulink but I cant find the device in the analog input block menues.
So questions:

Is the problem that my device isn´t supported by simulink?

Can it be that I have to have the 32bit matlab so I can run the legacy-based interface?

Have anybody have similar problems and solved them somehow, then please tell me!


Best Regards


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Hi Johan,


The problem isn't that your device isn't supported as it is listed under the supported hardware. I would first check through the documentation that is provided, I have found a few links here if these are helpful:


Supported hardware


NI Hardware:


Installing device support:


I would also suggest updating to the newest version of DAQmx to make sure that isn't the problem:


DAQmx 15.0.1


Best regards,


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