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Hi, everyone

     I make a program about collect voltage signal  chasis and 9239 module(see attachment). The most of all, this program is always collecting voltage signal and store all data collected (raw data). It is not intelligent. So some useless data are also stored. I would like to revise and make this program intelligent with threshold value comparison function and selective storage.

          Thank you for your time.

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What data gets compared to a threshold? Do you need any before- or after-threshold data to be saved? Do you save an entire waveform if any part is above the threshold or are you extracting only the points which meet the criterion? How will you deal with noise on the data?


As a first attempt place the Wrtie inside a case structure. Select the case with the output of the comparison with the threshold.



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 Hi, Lynn         

        At fist, thank you for your reply. I have an attempt idea that data from DAQmx read function are stored in a array as buffer, then intercept a part of data, i can obtain a value with the maxmum value substract the minimum value, then compare to the threshold which i set myself and stored them. Now, i dont know how to write this program, including the design of buffer how to realize this function by virtue of array.


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