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How to set the 6321 for Double-Channel collect signal of Electric current?

We have a 6321 acquisition card (collect voltage signal), the situation is this:
When we use it to measure two channels coming out of the voltage signal from the function generator, the measuring signal is no problem, no signal crosstalk.
However, if this time replaced by the output current signal, we use a BNC connector series resistance measurements, when measuring single-channel model, there is no problem, the signal can be measured. However, when the two signals simultaneously measured, this time how have crosstalk is not clear in the end what is the problem, ask in the end is the grabber card settings problem or question?

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What pins are you using for the two channels in each scenario?

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How are you measuring the current? How are the ground references connected? Are you using single ended or differential connections?


Please post a schematic diagram of your system showing the function generator, the current sensor, and the connections to the 6321. It is important to show all pawer supply and ground connections.



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