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How to saw a PCI 6259 installed on a TARGET PC

Hello, I have a trouble using a PCI 6259.
The situation is described under:
- PC DESKTOP TARGET on which it'is installed a PCI 6259.
  on this PC the Device is correctly installed and it is possible view the device in Windows device managere
I need to use the PC DESKTOP like a TARGET PC.
I have connected corretly the TARGET PC with a HOST PC
Using MAX I have:
- assigned a IP
- Installed the software
If I open MAX I can see the TARGET PC but don't see the device PCI 6259!
Someone could help me?!
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Sorry for the title!!!Smiley Happy
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Hi Odryx,

Please note that in my reply I'm assuming your Target PC is a Desktop setted up as a Real Time Target, this is the only scenario I can imagine in which you see a PC under Remote Systems in MAX.

If this is the case you should navigate in MAX and reach the key Remote System>>"RTTarget" and configure IP Name ad so on.
After completing this first configuration in MAX navigate to Remote System>>"RTTarget" >>software and install the drivers you need in order to drive your HW.
You will surely need DAQmx driver for the 6259 probably depending on the HW you're going to use also other drivers.

If you can't see drivers in this tabs it means you installed Labview Real Time but for some reason you lack the plugin neede for drivers, to resolve this situations reinstall DAQmx drivers, this way the drivers will see Labview Real Time and will install the necessary plugin.

Best Regards

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