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How to extract particular duration of waveform when rising edge of square wave come

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Hello Everyone,

I want to extract the particular period of time waveform, such as when the rising edge of square wave come on that time the signal extract from output waveform and send to another graph and when next rising edge come so on the particular period of time extract waveform from output graph and send data to the other graph.

Kindly suggest me how I can do this, Actually, I want to see data on 2 waveform 1st waveform is for the 1st rising edge time period and 2nd waveform is for the 2nd rising edge time period.

Thanks for considering my post.


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Convert high to 1 and low to 0.

Then, multiply two signals.


I hope this will help. 

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Dear Member,
In this way, I get the waveform for both rising edge and it continued, I want to display on a separate graph such as for first rising edge of square wave come then display data on a 2nd graph and when the 2nd rising edge of square wave come display data on a 3rd graph.

This is what I want.
Thanks for your consideration and after your suggestion, I want to separate the waveform.


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Accepted by topic author Shesha12345

It's unclear from your screenshot.  Are you trying to do this in LabVIEW?  If you are and both signals are acquired synchronously on the same time domain, I'd probably use the Pulse Measurements VI on your pulse signal.  This will return the pulse duration and the pulse center, so you can easily find the pulse start time [pulse_center_time - (pulse_duration)/2].  You can choose which pulse in your signal to measure with the "Pulse Number" input.


On your main waveform, then use the Get Waveform Subset VI using the previously calculated pulse start time and duration to extract each part of the signal corresponding to the pulse high times.


If you're not doing this in LabVIEW, then please clarify.

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