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How to configure a costumscale?

I have Visual Basic .NET ,measurement Studio 7 and a PCI DAQ 6229.
I want to create custom (linear) scales for the following channels:
on pin AI0 I have tempeature measure (0 to 5V) => (-5°C to 50°C)
on pin AI1 I have massflow(0 to 10V) => (0 to 1000 sccm)
on pin AI2 I have pression(0 to 5V) => (0 to 1000 mbar)

What do I have to do to create such custom scales? Is there a method similar to DAQmxCreateLinScale in C?
I would configure the costumscale but I don't know how to proceed...

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance,
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Take a look at the NI Measurement Studio Help at Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> Measurement Studio. Once this is open, search for "scale members." The functions you will be interested in are the RangeMapScale, Linear Scale, Table Scale, and Polynomial Scale Members. This document has all the information you will need to create and save a custom scale in VB.NET.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Sean C.
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