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How to check or reccord data using multi channel(16) DAQ(6220 or 6023E)

There are quite a lot channels.


Does I need to check the channels one by one to see if any signals coming in.

Or there is another correct way to do it.



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Explain a bit further. Each time you do a DAQmx Read, there are signals coming in. Do you need to detect if there is a specific signal being read?

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If it's possible to have data from all channel, and you really have no idea which one will come in, yes, you've to check it one by one.

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Is there a sample for checking one by one, thanks.

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If you don't tell anyone the difference between no signal, and signal existed, how can anyone answer your question?

Please try to put more effort on your work.

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When there is no signal, the input is just a 0 level voltage.


When signal come, it will be a 50Hz sine wave with several second duration.


I am not sure if the card can do simultaneous data collection. Just wonder any standard mechanism or function block for polling multi-channel with good performance.



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refer to attached file

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