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How many USB-6008 module can be connected to one system?



I would like to know, how many USB-6008 modules can be connected to a single PC. Of course I would like to use

externally powered USB hubs to increase the number of USB ports of the PC. Is there any limitation in the NI driver?

Is there any limitation of number of connectable USB devices in Windows XP?


thanks and best regards,


Peter Samu

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 There is no information about NI DAQmx driver limitation or Windows XP limitation regarding this matter, maybe because the first limitation that should be thought about is USB bandwidth.

  As a personal curiosity , what is your application and how many IO channels do you intend to use?

 There would be a sollution to use other NI multifunction debices with more IO channels , but considering the limitation comes from bandwidth , this sollution might be important only from financial and space saving point of view.



  Stremtan Mircea-Emil

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