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How can I turn Off Channels in a Chart

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I have two charts one for flow and one for pressure, Each chart has multiple inputs, I need a way to turn some of them off when not using all the channels.

I still need to record all the channels when the Capture button is used for 10 seconds.

Any ideas for this problem?




I am using Labview 8.6 and a PCI 6220DAQ card into a SCB-68 interconnect box.


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Hello Richard,


Thanks for using NI forums.  There are property nodes you can use to select a plot and then change the visibility of the plot.  You must first select the active plot by right clicking on your chart and going to Creat>>Property Node>>ActivePlot.  Once you have done this you can simply drag the bottom of the property node down to add additional properties for that specific chart.  Once you create a constant for the Active Plot you can then choose the Plot Visible property by clicking on one of the additional properties you have just added and selecting Plot>>Visible.  Wire a false constant to this input if you would like to turn it off.  Take a look at the example attached and let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Thank Yoy


I have got the Plots turn on and off indiviualy just the way I needed the chart to be.

There was a leaning cure for the Nodes but I have what I need to proceed with the other pars of my project.

These form are the best thing I have going for assitance with Labview.


Thank You Brandon



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